Thursday, 16 January 2014

Giveaway on my blog: multicolored, Indian ethnic sling bag .. Enter Now ..

Update: Jan 23, 2014 : This Giveaway has since closed.  Thank you. 


Its Giveaway time on this blog :)

This Giveaway is sponsored by

WIN this handcrafted, Indian ethnic multicolored sling bag:


1. "Like" the sponsor's Facebook page (1 point)

2.  Add me to your Google+ Circles - see this blog's side bar under 'Google+ Followers' (1 point)

3.  Follow this blog on Bloglovin (1 point)

4.  Sign up with Here .. and make one Scrapbook Look with this Bag and leave a comment on this blog post with (i) your Limeroad sign up email ID and (ii) the link to your Limeroad scrapbook.  You can also email me (10 points + additional 5 points as per note B below)


A.  Each person can submit an entry with their registered email ID.

B.  Fresh joiners to Limeroad through this Giveaway get 5 special points. However, if you are already an existing Limeroad registered scrapbooker, you can still earn these additional 5 points by bringing along/introducing/referring a family member / friend / acquaintance of yours, who will now become a fresh joiner. Please provide the email ID of such person you have referred to now sign up with Limeroad through this Giveaway, to earn these additional 5 points.

C.  Giveaway ends at 5 p.m. IST on Thursday, 23 January 2014.

D.  Giveaway open to all (including international entries) but the prize can only be shipped to an Indian address (hence, you can enter if your prize can be sent to an Indian address).

E.  There will be 1 winner for this Giveaway.  I will select the winner and make an announcement here on Friday, 24 January 2014. The winner needs to email me their Indian shipping address, following which I will provide the same to the sponsor and the prize will be shipped. 

F.  This blog has Google+ comments enabled - this may, sometimes, result in your comment not showing up; please do not worry about the same - i will get a notification of every comment posted (whether or not it shows up).  If you do not see your comment, please feel free to also email me. 

Criteria for winner selection:

- The best look among the entries with most points earned as per 1 to 4 above plus as in Note B.

- 'Best look' means how stylishly it is put together as well as the size and placement of the products in the look.

- A maximum of 18 points can be earned by each person.  So, please try to earn all these 18 points :)  Most likely, the best look among all entries with 18 points each, will win

- I will keep the winner selection objective and transparent (time permitting, might even post all the looks here :)

Guidance for creating your Scrapbook Look:

Once you have registered on Limeroad, click the 'create scrapbook' side bar and drag components (apparel, accessories) to the mini scrapbook window that opens up.  Stretch the sizes as required and place them and save your look. The look must have a minimum of 3 products (maximum is to your choice). 

Here is an example I created for this Giveaway:

So, please take care of the size - each item must be prominently sized; the components of the look - dress, footwear, bag, jewelry etc. - can overlap as long as each is clearly visible. 

For any doubts, email me here:

Happy Scrapbooking folks .. the bag awaits you ..

And, here is further good news .. if we show sufficient enthusiasm and if the numbers are good, we may have regular Giveaways on this blog .. it can get bigger and better .. so come out in full support ..

Cheers :)